Saturday, September 14, 2013

Box Project

In my 3-D concepts class, we had to make a box for our first project and for our second project we're suppose to re-interpret the box into something else. So I decided to make my box into something relatable.
It has 6 sides, all with "cracked" designs and each with a different word associated with feeling broken or fragile: Insecure, sorrow, anxious, lonely, discouraged, and disconnected. Many people can relate to seeming strong and put together, but there are times when they are struggling and seem to be falling apart. Sometimes people hold their feelings in and it's not until they can't take it anymore that they break down.
The box is a symbol of this situation. The box was once clean, smooth surfaces, and durable until things start picking at it. The cracks represents the weakness or vulnerability a person can feeling or going through when those negative feelings start coming at them.
When I'm done with the designing, I'm going to put bubble wrap around it. The wrap will represent the carefulness one needs to have when dealing with these feelings that make someone feel fragile or broken.

I'll post the pics soon of this project for a better visual understanding of what I'm talking about!

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